ContextIncumbent Patrick Nichting has been City Treasurer since 2009. He is running unopposed in 2017.

Roles and Responsibilities of the City / Township TreasurerThe Treasurer is responsible for the administration and management of the collection, verification, depositing, and recording of all taxes, fines, and fees due the city. The Treasurer’s office works closely with City departments in implementing interfaces between cash collections and application programs for all revenue due the City.

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Patrick Nichting (Winner)
Age  53
Current Employment City / Township Treasurer
Education M.B.A., Bradley University
B.S., Bradley University
Residence 10507 N. Sleepy Hollow Rd. (District 5)
Why do you want to be a City / Township Treasurer? As City treasurer, I have brought and continue to bring professionalism with efficient and effective management, in a manner that best serves the needs of all of our citizens.
What are your top priorities, if elected? The Treasurer / Township tax collector continues to bring responsible administration and management for collecting, verifying, depositing, and recording of all taxes, fines and fees due to the city and the township.
How will you use your power as City / Township Treasurer to advance these priorities? We will carry out the financial ordinances of the City and the laws of the State of Illinois
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